Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Watermelon Gin Fizz Recipe by New England Fine Living

My daughter is constantly juicing or making dried fruit, so when we were discussing a fun and super thirst quenching cocktail, we came up with our own version of a watermelon gin fizz since she just made a bet with a co-worker that she could dry watermelon (I will let you know how that turns out).

So I wanted to share the recipe with you before the holiday weekend in case you too had left over watermelon!  Below is the recipe and the steps we took to create this ultra refreshing watermelon cocktail. 

Makes three to four glasses depending on the amount of soda used to top off your cocktail.  

1 cup of pureed and strained fresh watermelon
1 shot watermelon pucker (from the liquor store)
The juice of one large lime
2 shots of your favorite gin. I used Bombay Sapphire
A splash of lemon lime soda

I did not take a photo or video of the watermelon being pureed, but we used our bullet then strained the juice to remove any left over pulp. 

You could also buy watermelon juice at some stores, but it not always 100% pure and natural. Some grocers juice on the spot and you might be able to ask for watermelon only.

Straining the watermelon puree 

One shot of Watermelon Pucker

Juice of one lime 

Pour your mixture into a shaker full of ice and... shake away!

 Pour into a glass of crushed ice

Top off your cocktail with your choice of 
lemon-lime soda.  

 Garnish with a slice of lime and Voila!  
A delicious summer cocktail!