Friday, July 29, 2011

A Tiffany Theme Wedding

I recently created a post of Tiffany Inspired  Rooms, but I don't think I shared my web page of Tiffany Blue or Tiffany Theme Wedding Ideas.    Click HERE if you would like to visit my Tiffany Blue Wedding or Tiffany Style Cocktail Party Page.   The Write Expression, a wonderful invitation store within my store, just told me this color palette is ordered a lot. as is black and white invitations.

Sorry Inspiration board creator unknown, if you know, please let me know so that I can add their credit and link here.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Working With A Curved Wall

There are some walls that are really difficult to decorate, especially in some of our old New England style homes, but when I saw this photo, I had one of those "AH HA" moments.  Love the idea! 

Entryway. modern entry

For more ideas on decorating New England style,with chalk board paint, click HERE to go to New England Fine Living's chalk board page.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

 By: Linda Smith - New England Fine Living
Scientists believe only humans and some of the higher primates like apes and chimpanzees, have the ability to see the full spectrum of color.  Other species only see one or two colors.

The human eye is able to see approximately two hundred colors and when these colors are blended we can distinguish as many as 8 million different shades.

As long ago as 2000 BC, the Egyptians used colored lights to cure people.  Treatments took place in temples of healing (their hospitals).

Sir Isaac Newton not only discovered gravity, but he discovered that the sunlight was not white, but was made up of  mixture of colors.

The more color you allow in your dreams the brighter your waking life will become.

A rainbow is formed  by droplets of water in the sky when the sun hits it.

Warm colors are advancing

Cool colors are receding

If you have a small garden... planting light or cool colored flowers will make your garden appear bigger.  Using dark or bright colors will advance and make it appear smaller.

Painting a high ceiling a darker color will make it seem closer while a ceiling painted white or a lighter color will give the appearance of greater height.

The colors of tranquility...
Rosy Pink, Mint Green, Conch Pink, Light Yellow, Spring Lavender, Cerulean Blue.

The colors for easy living...
Highlight Blue, Antique Rose, Willow Green, Dusty Peach, Harvest Grape, Copper Oxide Green

The colors of energy...
Moroccan Red, Sunburst Yellow, Hot Plum, Ocean Blue, Persimmon Orange, Bright Chartreuse, Sizzle Pink

Red Means

It is said that if you like the color red... you are daring, adventurous, like to be noticed and you
have a fiery personality

Red  is the international color for danger and stop

It was the symbol of wealth before synthetic dyes came about

Red hues are very difficult to match to each other

A little red goes a long way

Sun or fire can intensify the color

Research shows that a person (even color-blind people) will show an increase in blood pressure while looking at the color red

Red can stimulate you to be more creative

Red objects appear bigger and heavier than they really are (I knew I never liked my red pants for some reason!)

The tint of red is pink which is the most calming of all colors and is used in most jail cells.

Red with black becomes maroon and this is a very strong and powerful color.

They say if you have bronchitis or anemia you could benefit from sitting under a red light.

Dreams with a lot of red can be a warning... stands for love, rage or to stop.

If you are quiet and self conscious, wearing or surrounding yourself with this color can give you more confidence.

Red can create or show ... energy, vitality, passion, drive

Orange Means

If you like orange...  you have high ambitions, you are lively, chatty, and full of ideas

Pure orange is seen as a modern color

Orange red colors lack the aggressiveness of red

Orange red became first popular in the nineteenth century when they discovered a wall painting in Pompeii.

Wearing orange will let you express that "It's great to be alive!"

Orange can create or show ... joy, flamboyance, warmth, stimulation, exuberance

Yellow Means

If you like yellow.... you have a sunny optimistic nature and generally happy

Dream in yellow denotes light and laughter.  If it stands out in your dreams as a very bright color (like a daffodil in a field), it is a very good omen.  It means things are going well and people are happy around you.

Yellow can bring out the golden tones in wood

In science, it is associated with quick thinking and intelligence

The most light giving of all hues is yellow

Yellow suggests riches and extravagance

Staring at yellow can increase the metabolic rate

Yellow can cause additional hyperactivity

If you need cheering up, sit in a bright yellow room

Paint a room yellow to create ideas and feel brainy.  It can sharpen your mind.

Yellow can create or show... intelligence, reasoning power, bright energy and mental ability

Green Means

Green being your favorite color can mean that you are gentle, truthful and efficient

Dream with green and you can expect things will turn out ok.  It can also mean envy

Dark green speaks sanctuary and comfort of a forest

Paler green means go and money

Mint green used alone can be boring... add a little yellow to get apple green and you have energy for a busy morning.

Green can reflect off your skin and give you a sickly glow

Green has the magical power of working with every other color

If you are excited or hot and bothered, sit and stare at a patch of grass or a calming plant

Green can create or show... balance, peace and harmony

Blue Means

If you favor blue, it could mean you are conventional, careful and self sufficient

Sitting under a blue light can cure a headache or lower a fever

Wrap a blue scarf around your neck to cure a sore throat

Dream in different shades of blue and they can mean different things...
Sky blue is linked to ambition
Mid blue is cool and collected
Dark blue means you should think deeply about what is happening in your life

Blue is a color that can help you sleep

Be careful using some shades of blue in a North facing room.  They can feel cold and unbecoming

Add it with red accents and you will have a warmer feeling - Add with orange accents and you will have a dramatic and energized feeling

Is associated with conservative people and reliability

The blue sapphire is associated with royalty and divine favor

Painting a ceiling a pastel blue can make it feel celestial

Blue can create or show.. tranquility, competence, reliability, authority

Indigo Means

If you like indigo... you don't like being in the spotlight, you like to help others and you have a true appreciation for beauty

Use this color and all of your white accents will pop

Indigo can create or show... spiritual, relaxation, poetic

Violet Means

If you like violet... it could show you have a tendency to show off, you are vulnerable, and need love from family and friends

Was the imperial color of Rome for many centuries and was only worn and used by kings and priests

The color of dreamers and artists

The color of wine was once thought to cure drunkenness

Pure purple is only good as accents.  Lighter versions can add charm to a wall or space

Violet can create or show... grandness, stimulates intuition, releases imaginative powers

Gray Means

If you like gray, it could mean you are cautious, you have trouble making up your mind, and you avoid making decisions

Grayed colors give the illusion of distance such as in shadowing with trompe l'oile

Gray has no life of its own.

It is a good background color

Gray can dull the senses and drain positive feelings

Brown Means

If you like the color brown, it could mean you are warm hearted and content to plod through life

This combination of red and yellow with a little black exudes homey comfort rather than high style

Brown can create or show... warmth, friendly, and it creates a feeling of intimacy

Black Means

If you like black it could mean... you are a rebel, extreme in behavior, and reject everything around you

The best color to show of other colors

Absorbs light

Shows every speck of dust

Black has a gloomy, sobering effect.

Black is great as an accent color

Black can create or show.... sophistication, it's dramatic and stylish

White Means

If you like white, it could mean that honesty is very important.  You like to be fair
and impartial

Dream with a lot of white means you want to start a new beginning

Can visually enlarge a room

Can calm an intense color when mixed in

A great resting place for the eye when mixing colors between rooms or hallways

White can appear clinical and stark.  Bring in tones and textures to warm and cozy up a room

White can create or show... purity,  joy, uplifting, clean, expensive, cool

Gold Means

If you like gold... you are generous, well balanced

For instant chic, add gold to a white room

Ancient wisdom  associates gold with the eyes and is believed to heal eye problems

If you suffer from nightmares, surround yourself  by an imaginary gold light or golden bubble before you drift off to sleep.

Silver Means

Silver indicates a young and lively personality

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Friday, July 22, 2011

I finally had some caviar and liked it!

 Caviar Photo from New England Fine Living

My first introduction to caviar was years ago when it was passed to me on a perfect little wafer crisp.  It wasn't very intimidating, so I tried it.   Not so bad.... Hmmm.   My next official introduction to this odd little treat, was at a wine tasting event many years ago.   Now, I was intimidated.  In front of me were little jars of red, black, gold caviar that were available for mini tastings.  Along side the jars were bowls of cracker crisps.  Huh???  There is no one to serve me?  What if I take too much and get my hand slapped?  The only person available is talking to someone else and the line was backing up behind me.  Panic!  How do I put it on the cracker and how much can I take?   Do the different colors taste different? What kind of fish produced these?  I wanted to know. Oh but please don't tell me how the eggs are taken from the fish while I eat it.

This situation, is one of the many reasons I started New England Fine Living.  To share my  information with you.

Here are a few tips on eating caviar. Geeeeeesh,  I wish I knew this before the wine tasting event.  If you want to find out more about where caviar comes from and some of the nutritional facts, you can read more HERE on my caviar page, but some of the tips are here below that I found.

Caviar Etiquette: 
   Serve cold out of a non-metallic bowl.
   So as not to ruin the flavor of caviar, scoop it out of the container using mother-of-pearl utensils.  If necessary use a wood or plastic spoon.  NEVER  use a metallic spoon metal oxidizes the eggs), which will create an unwanted metal flavor.
Don’t dig deep and mush the caviar while you’re serving yourself or others.  Caviar should be scooped from the container vertically from top to bottom to avoid crushing the egg.
   If caviar is passed to you in a bowl or crock, with its own spoon, serve a teaspoonful onto your plate.  Many times it is passed with just toast points, but if it is followed with accompaniments, use the individual serving spoon found in each containter to take small amount of minced onion and sieved egg whites and yolks, as well as a few lemon slices and place on your dish.
    Assemble a canapé to your taste with a knife, then use your fingers to lift it to your mouth.
   If you're at a cocktail party or reception, where prepared caviar canapés are being passed on trays, simply lift one off the plate and pop it into your mouth.
   When served caviar as an hors d'oeuvre, no matter how much you might be tempted by its luscious flavor. It's considered bad taste to eat more than an ample serving of about two ounces, or about two spoonfuls.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Purple Haze Martini

On these hot summer days, I have fond childhood memories of drinking ice-cold Grape Kool-Aid that my mom used to make by the pitcher.  As an added touch of flavor, she would add fresh orange slices.  But now that I'm a grown woman, maybe a Purple Haze Martini, with an orange slice, will do the trick  "Oh Yeah!"  The recipe below was sent to me by Hypnotiq®.  I also have the recipe posted with some other purple party ideas on my "purple party page" click HERE if you would like to see more photos.

1 oz. freshly squeezed pomegranate juice -
1 1/2 oz. Hypnotiq®  - a great liquor
1 1/2 oz. pineapple juice shopping list
orange rind and apple slice for garnish shopping list

How to make a purple martini:

Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker over ice.

Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass.

Creating A New England Style or Nantucket Style Wedding / Cocktail Party

You don't need to live in New England or in Nantucket to enjoy a Nantucket Style party.  I love the use of the silver dollar (some of our New England beaches are full of them if you look close) as the theme for these wedding ideas.  I ESPECIALLY love the chocolate sand dollars.  Yum!

This above photo is just one I have found for you.  To view more, please click this link " to go to my Nantucket Wedding Style - New England Style Wedding Page or for other Wedding and Cocktail party themes, you can check out my Entertaining Pages by clicking HERE .

 Top to Bottom, L to R: “Ocean Longing” Sand Dollar necklace, VintageMusings at Etsy; Blue Ocean Tilt Cake, chocolate sand dollars by Charmingly Chocolate. Nantucket tent wedding by Nantucket Clambake Co.; Sand dollar decoration and mini-corrugated favor box by Moments Of Elegance; “Crossing the Bridge” by Garrison Photo. Sand dollar favors by MomentsOfElegance; Organza in Moss by Connie Duglin Linen; Original Sand Dollar Cookies by Grandma Lulu. Photo and Information found on

What? Fall Ads Already?

Here I am, sitting in a somewhat air conditioned building (My store is in an antique 1716 colonial) with two window air conditioners cranking.  They are working overtime just to keep up with the muggy 100 degree temperature outside.  I am working on my Web site since retail customers must be smart and staying inside their cool office, home, or "gasp" the mall. 

Then I  come across this ad that says "Almost Fall".  Really? Can we get to August first?  Even the local craft stores are prepping for Fall.  I saw them putting out Halloween decor and Autumn flower picks.  I have to admit, I am a sucker for the Fall and look forward to the colors and clothes of the season, but after such a long... long... heavy sigh... long winter, I can deal with a few more hot Summer days.  

Shop the new Indian Summer 2011 catalog at!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mind Your Peas & Cukes! Buffet Etiquette

Photo: Traditional Home Magazine

These helpful tips were sent to me by Diane Gottsman, a Nationally recognized etiquette professional
Buffet Manners

“Buffet” is not synonymous with “All You Can Eat”.  Go through the buffet line and select a small portion of each food item.

Hold only one plate through the buffet line.  Don’t use the old excuse “This one is for my wife”.

No seconds until everyone has gone through the line once.  Allow other’s to enjoy the buffet before getting back in line for another plate of food.

Start at the beginning of the line.  Follow the food line rather than going against the normal buffet flow of traffic.

Set your drink down before going through the buffet line.  Select a place where you will sit and place your drink at the table.  It’s much easier to hold your plate and select your food items without a drink in your hand.

If you go back, and if available, grab a new plate.

Go back for dessert.  Don’t put your dessert on your entrée plate.  You will appear a bit anxious and somewhat glutinous.

Blue and Yellow New England Style Wedding or Cocktail Party Ideas

Blue and yellow weddings or cocktail parties can take on a different look depending on the color of blue and yellow and the patterns used.  They can have a classic timeless New England style look, country, a New England style beach theme, Asian, or nautical theme.  It's endless if you are creative and play with color variations and patterns.

Photo found on
 I have created a page on my New England style web site to show you a few variations and how you can achieve the different looks. Click HERE to see and read more about blue and yellow weddings and cocktail party ideas and how you can create your own New England style decor. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Official Tree Detective

It is I, New England Fine Living's Tree Detective.  Okay, so I don't need one more title added to my already long list of titles, but my friend has a tree in his front yard that has had me stumped (no pun intended).  This tree has huge beautiful leaves that run down a vine-like limb (kinda like grape leaves) and the bark is smooth, curling, and falling off which makes the tree look as if it is dying.  It stands out so much from the surrounding trees, that it helps me locate his driveway from a distance. 

I even brought a leaf home and had my mom, Senior Tree Detective, look it up in our family tree book (Yup, we have a family tree book next to the bird book, next to the wild flower book, etc. etc. some include hand-written notes and dates from my childhood).   We found  that the White Maple was similar, but not everything matched like the smooth, silvery, peeling bark and leaf size.   Now I'm no tree expert, but I do pride myself on being able to name many local trees by their leaf, bark, shape, etc. and this one frustrated me.    Fast forward a month.  I was at my friends house again, and while we were sipping our wine outside, enjoying a warm breeze on the porch, I could not help but stare at that tree.  I had to do it!  I didn't want to get up after an hour long walk, but I did.  I got up off my butt, walked over to the the tree, and plucked an 8 inch wide leaf off of the lowest limb and voiced my frustration.

Curled bark and  8" leaf
Out of the blue he says.... "I think I just saw an app for finding leaves"  "YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME... they have an app for that? Awesome!".  So after a little searching, he found it on his ipad -

Drawing found on

All we had to do was take a photo of the leaf, load it, and the app found it!  Guess what?  The White Maple was first on the list, but the back of the leaf was different.  Then, right before our eyes, there it was... the American Sycamore.  Woo Hoo!  I was so excited he found it.  It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. Okay the wine might have helped, but still...   How did I not know this?  If they are so common where are they?  Do you have one in your yard or area?  Here is a little more information if you are interested.   American Sycamore Tree Description

Tiffany Blue and Teal Blue Rooms

So you want to decorate a room in your house in a Tiffany blue, but where do you start?

Well first off, you can't start by asking to get the exact paint color from the Pantone fan deck since it is not printed in the Pantone Matching System swatch books.  There is a private Pantone color for Tiffany blue, with a custom number of 1837, which signifies the year Tiffany was founded. The Tiffany Blue color is protected through a trademark by Tiffany & Co., the New York City jewelry company.  The nerve of em!  But don't  get discouraged, just grab one of your many Tiffany boxes (that would be nice huh?) and take it to your local paint store to put into their color matching computer or go the old fashioned route and hold it up against a color fan deck and select the closest one. 

 Photo found on

This beautiful office in Tiffany blue and white was found on  Check out the back wall.  The photos are like leaves on a hand-painted tree

This whimsical kitchen in Teal blue and white is so fun!.  Notice that even the hanging light fixtures have a banding of teal.  This photo was found on

I love how the dress has been framed and turned into art.  This Tiffany blue and white inspired room photo was found on

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lilly Pulizter Fabrics Available Through Lee Jofa!

Can you imagine using the fun - bright prints of Lilly Pulitzer in your bedding, window treatments, pillows or upholstery? Well now you can!  Lee Jofa is offering the popular patterns and colors through designers nationwide. So far, I am seeing 182 fabric patterns and colors available through Lee Jofa.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tea Cup Dessert Display

I found this photo on Marie Claire Maison, so I don't know what yummy concoction is inside (it was all in French), but I am sure you can be creative and think of your own special delightful dessert to share with your friends.

You can find more entertaining ideas on New England Fine

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A moss covered chandelier? Yup!

Glue is everywhere.. my fingers, my clothes, my arms, even my nose, but I am having a blast putting my crafty fingers to work.  Today I decided to start a project  during a quiet pre- 4th of July day while in my design studio.  I should have started it last week, but I am such a last minute Lucy.

It will be hanging in a window, over a casual yet elegant party theme table, at  First Rugs in Acton, MA (they have a store in Danvers, MA too).  The theme will be for an outdoor evening party. I am still debating if I should add twig wreaths at the top of each arm and then paint the candle base brown or go all out with the moss.  Definitely adding crystal(s).    I can't wait to show you the finished vignette.  We will be having a party there in August.  Stay tuned for more details.   For more party and event styling ideas, check out my Entertaining pages on New England Fine Living