Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mind Your Peas & Cukes! Buffet Etiquette

Photo: Traditional Home Magazine

These helpful tips were sent to me by Diane Gottsman, a Nationally recognized etiquette professional
Buffet Manners

“Buffet” is not synonymous with “All You Can Eat”.  Go through the buffet line and select a small portion of each food item.

Hold only one plate through the buffet line.  Don’t use the old excuse “This one is for my wife”.

No seconds until everyone has gone through the line once.  Allow other’s to enjoy the buffet before getting back in line for another plate of food.

Start at the beginning of the line.  Follow the food line rather than going against the normal buffet flow of traffic.

Set your drink down before going through the buffet line.  Select a place where you will sit and place your drink at the table.  It’s much easier to hold your plate and select your food items without a drink in your hand.

If you go back, and if available, grab a new plate.

Go back for dessert.  Don’t put your dessert on your entrĂ©e plate.  You will appear a bit anxious and somewhat glutinous.