Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New England Style Door Knockers

New England Style Door Knockers

During my travels, I am always on the hunt for antique homes.  It is one of those childhood passions that has stayed with me for over half a century (ugh, did I just admit that out loud).

While looking at and absorbing the design of a home, I also have an affinity for the smaller details.  The details that add character, charm, and a personalized touch to each home such as window boxes, lanterns, the number of panes in a window, down to one of the smallest accessories.... the door knocker. Something so small holds a very important role on each home and the reason one is added may be different for each homeowner.  It gives audible notice to someone awaiting entry, it's a decorative and personalized nod to the geographical area or passion of the homeowner, and some believe the scary faces of people and animals warded off evil spirits.

On this colonial home, in Newport, Rhode Island, the door knocker is super simple in style.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kitchen and Copper Pots - Breakers - Newport - Rhode Island

Cooking with copper pots

This photo is from my visit to the Breakers, one of the grand mansions, in Newport, Rhode Island.

Showcasing a 21' cast iron stove, heated by coal, the kitchen is home to many copper pots and pans that hang from an oval pot rack.  At the end of the kitchen island, a stone mortar and pestle was used for grinding herbs, nuts, and other items used in preparing meals. 

Why cook with copper pots and pans?