Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chic Hollywood Glam Wedding and Party Decor and Ideas

Wow, did I enjoy finding these photos of Hollywood Glam inspired wedding and cocktail party photos.  I was inspired to pull this page together when one of my friends told us she has decided to host a Hollywood Party so that we will have a reason to dress up in gowns and cocktail attire for no reason at all.  How fun! Below is just one of the photos from the page I created for you.  If you click on the photo or this highlighted link, you will be sent to my web page.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nautical Themed Wedding

During these snowy, snowy ( heavy sigh)... snowy New England days, I find myself working on some more New England party and New England wedding theme pages on my Web site New England Fine Living

To view the page of photos I found on New England nautical or boat themed wedding and party ideas, you can click here, on the Nautical Link, to go to my Nautical Themed Wedding Page  This ultra-preppy and classic theme was fun to research.

                                   This photo is from Martha Stewart's web site.