Thursday, July 21, 2016

A visit to America's oldest jeweler - Shreve, Crump & Low

I first walked into Shreve, Crump & Low, while on Newbury Street, to obtain information about how to clean diamond rings at home.  This information will be shared in a future post, but I also walked in knowing I had another mission to fulfill. 

That mission??? To keep finding New England businesses, or those who got their start in New England, that are unique, have a great story to tell, and exude "fine living" qualities no matter what the price point is. 

My visit to Shreve, Crump & Low absolutely fit my check list and then some.  Their story in a nut shell?  With a start in Boston in 1796, they are the oldest jeweler in America and what a story it is. At then end of this post, you I have included a link to their website and also their historic timeline.  

In the meantime, here are just a few stunning items I got to view.  I was like a magpie drawn to every glittery item hopping from case to case.  As soon as I saw one piece of jewelry, that lured me in, my eyes were being distracted by another piece and I could not wait to move on and hear more about it. Let me just say, my jewelry wish list has just gotten a little longer :-).   

This little beauty, a 20 plus carat tanzanite and diamond ring, called my name as I walked by the case.  Did I mention I LOVE tanzanite?  At one point it was a consideration to use tanzanite in my wedding ring, but I was informed it would be too fragile for everyday wear.  This glamorous ring would be perfect to wear to a gala, cocktail party, or a "just because it's fabulous" party.

I am always drawn to the estate jewelry section when visiting jewelers.  There is something to be said about knowing someone else enjoyed and loved a piece of jewelry. For the fun of it, I create my own stories of their history if there is not one to be told. The watch above is a vintage Shreve, Crump & Low piece that made its way back to store to be enjoyed yet again. 

Also in the estate jewelry case.... Sapphire and diamond rings and so much more!

There are three locations:Boston, MA - Chestnut Hill, MA - Greenwich, CT

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The revolutionary Bogányi grand piano makes its North American debut at the Newport Music Festival, July 9-15, 2016.

After being invited to a private cocktail reception to hear the revolutionary Bogányi grand piano, I wanted to make sure I shared the below information with you, so that you too will have the opportunity to hear this amazing piece of functional art at the Newport Music Festival, July 9-15, 2016. Information about the festival follows the below press release. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Eben House - A luxury inn in Provincetown, MA - New England

One of my writers had the wonderful opportunity to visit Eben House, a 1776 Home of Captain Eben Snow, that has been turned into a modernized luxury inn and I wanted to share her article with you, as seen in the fall 2015 issue of New England Fine Living magazine. 

Paradise in Provincetown

Written by Jessica Sacco for New England Fine Living 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Sliced watermelon and sliced lime Jello shots

My previous post was for a watermelon gin fizz cocktail and I thought I would follow it with this recipe for sliced watermelon and lime Jello shots since we used the watermelon and lime leftovers. 

Keep in mind these can be made without vodka too, but these were for an adult 4th of July party. 

I currently do not have photos of the watermelon sliced since that and the large batch of watermelon gin fizzes is going to a party that I won't be attending, but hopefully the hostess will share photos of the watermelon with me once it's been sliced.  

That said, I did make these mini lime slices with the left over Jello mixture, just for fun, since I had the limes.

This is the Jello all firmed up and ready to be cut, but sending it off to the party whole was a lot easier since.
Recipe to make the Jello that is firm enough to slice and hold:

This recipe was enough to fill one half of a smaller seedless watermelon that was hollowed out (leave a little of the watermelon flesh for the Jello to adhere to).

3 packets of red Jello (we, my daughter and I, used strawberry since watermelon comes out pink)
1 box of Knox gelatin (the box has 4 packets inside)
4 cups boiling water
4 cups citrus vodka

In a large sauce pan, boil the four cups of water then add the three boxes of Jello and one box of Knox gelatin and carefully whisk until all of the gelatin is dissolved.

Remove sauce pan from the heat. This is when you add your vodka.

Instead of adding the cold water to the end of the process, as noted on the box, substitute the water with the vodka.  Of course if you do not want to use alcohol, go with the water.

Fill the hollowed out watermelon with the mixture and set in the refrigerator until completely firm.

Once firm, the watermelon can be sliced and served.

For the lime wedges:

Cut limes in half lengthwise and juice them (our juice was used in the watermelon gin fizzes as was the inside of the hollowed out watermelon) and remove most of the pulp.  We went down to the skin and found the Jello took on a little bit of the bitter taste, so I would recommend leaving some of the tart pulp.

Note: The limes were very time consuming to hollow out without a press, so if you want to make a large batch, you will want to give yourself some extra time.