Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Paint Colors For A New Home Purchase

One of the things I absolutely love to do is help clients select colors for their homes and to complement all of the items we are selecting.   Currently, I am working on a home that is having every room painted and changed.  We are custom designing most of the upholstered furniture and some of the casegoods, ordering accessories and lighting, and selecting paint colors that flow from one room to another.    The below photos were taken while the rugs were being delivered (hence the reason some are not centered  yet), but I wanted to show you the rooms at this stage. 

From this angle, you can't appreciate how the wool and viscose rug change color when you walk around the room.  The wall color, Pashmina Gray from Benjamin Moore, was selected from the wool base color in the rug. I will take a photo from the hall soon that shows how pretty the color is

This is going to be a dining space off of the kitchen. The previous owner used it for a sunroom sitting space, but I designed a 66" round table to go into the space, wicker chairs have just arrived at my warehouse from California, the large iron and glass chandelier is in, custom iron rods are being created right here in Massachusetts for the inner corners of the windows, and my workroom is sewing the window treatments.

The soft gray blue paint color from C-2 was selected to complement the stones and the existing built-in entertainment center.  This area rug has touches of the blue, but was mainly selected for the other colors that matched the fabrics we are using in the room.

This fabric is being used on two occasional chairs

This room was a bold move, going with a dark brown wall, but it already had darker colored mauve walls.  One thing I wanted to make sure was done was that the sloped part of the ceiling was also painted brown.  In the before picture, you can see the ceiling actually draws the eye to that part of the room and I wanted the room to have a nice flow to the eye.  I can't wait for you to see what we have in store for this "lodge themed" room. 

The Before Picture

When I work with clients, I keep their color palettes in my binder for future reference.  I love how soothing, yet fun all of these colors are and how well they work together from room to room.

We are still a couple months away from completion, but furniture is starting to arrive, window treatments are being sewn, and accessories are being purchased. I can't wait to share the finished rooms with you!

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