Saturday, May 4, 2013

Welcome Baby Cocktail Party With A Birds Nest and Spring Theme

I was given the wonderful opportunity to create a party for one of my clients for their third child.  This Welcome Baby cocktail party was for about 60 guests.  I was given a birds nest, a few key words, a budget, and I was off an running planning a birds nest theme party with a touch of spring for this special Celebration. 

For a holiday party I designed for this client, I was told the guests still went to the side door even though there were luminaries marking the way to the front door.  For this party, I created a quick sign to hopefully help guests find the correct door.  I was surprised to find a blank wood sign and all I had to do was add raised letters and a ribbon. 

For the front door, I started with empty urns.  I found two topiary twig cone trees while in Maine and I purchased them before I even knew what I would use them for.  When I got to my client's home, I plunked one in the urn and voila!  Brain Storm!  I put Spanish moss in the urns, the twig cones, fake ivy, grape vine, and then burlap bows. 

The decor started with these three bird houses.  When I saw them at the store, I thought it would be cute to buy three sizes to represent the three brothers.  Baby Oliver has the smallest one :-).  I used live ivy, Spanish moss, and a bi-level log sliver that I found in my wood pile.  Who says I don't think out of the box?  The table this birdhouse centerpiece is on is where the dinner buffet will be served. 

I loved creating the cake design!  Below is a quick sketch I did for the cake and faxed it off to Concord Tea Cakes for them to work their magic.  

I was so nervous about picking up the cake, but when they brought it out in a box, I felt a bit better.   Just kidding, this is not me, but it was in a box! 

Now to decorate the cake!  

I put a small circle of wax paper in the center of the cake and then placed the nest on top.   Once again, this nest was my inspiration for the whole party theme. 

I grabbed my scissors and snipped a few pieces of ivy from my table displays.

Before I picked up the cake, I picked up some white hydrangeas to place into burlap wrapped buckets.

Check out these favors!  They are flower seeds.  Hmmmm how can I display these.  In herbs of course (the rye grass I was going to buy was sold out, so I had to think quick!).  The fence was purchased the month before and I had no idea how I would use it, but I knew I would.  It fit perfect around the herbs that were placed in a chicken wire and burlap basket.  

I just put a few of the packets into the thyme by taping toothpicks onto the back of each packet.  The rest were displayed on rolled out moss. 

Below is the table that will have some appetizers on.  

A battery operated candle flickers under a cloche with butterflys and Spanish moss

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