Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kitchen and Copper Pots - Breakers - Newport - Rhode Island

Cooking with copper pots

This photo is from my visit to the Breakers, one of the grand mansions, in Newport, Rhode Island.

Showcasing a 21' cast iron stove, heated by coal, the kitchen is home to many copper pots and pans that hang from an oval pot rack.  At the end of the kitchen island, a stone mortar and pestle was used for grinding herbs, nuts, and other items used in preparing meals. 

Why cook with copper pots and pans?
Apart from silver, it's the best metallic conductor and most effective for cooking.
Cooking temperatures spread evenly on all sides of copper cookware.
Perfect for simmering due to the accumulation of heat.
Associated with gastronomy for many generations.
Copper stands for class and perfection.
Timeless in style, copper pots and pans fit perfectly with any kitchen interior.