Saturday, July 2, 2011

A moss covered chandelier? Yup!

Glue is everywhere.. my fingers, my clothes, my arms, even my nose, but I am having a blast putting my crafty fingers to work.  Today I decided to start a project  during a quiet pre- 4th of July day while in my design studio.  I should have started it last week, but I am such a last minute Lucy.

It will be hanging in a window, over a casual yet elegant party theme table, at  First Rugs in Acton, MA (they have a store in Danvers, MA too).  The theme will be for an outdoor evening party. I am still debating if I should add twig wreaths at the top of each arm and then paint the candle base brown or go all out with the moss.  Definitely adding crystal(s).    I can't wait to show you the finished vignette.  We will be having a party there in August.  Stay tuned for more details.   For more party and event styling ideas, check out my Entertaining pages on New England Fine Living