Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lilly Pulizter Fabrics Available Through Lee Jofa!

Can you imagine using the fun - bright prints of Lilly Pulitzer in your bedding, window treatments, pillows or upholstery? Well now you can!  Lee Jofa is offering the popular patterns and colors through designers nationwide. So far, I am seeing 182 fabric patterns and colors available through Lee Jofa.

BIMINI - DANDELION - Multipurpose -Yellow -Pink -Green -100% LINEN - Available in two other colorways - pink and green, light blue and green

LILLY LACE - TIDE BLUE - Upholstery Weight -Blue & White Embroidery -65% POLYESTER,35% LINEN - Available in two other colorways of light blue and green, and yellow and white.

If you would like to order Lilly Pulizter fabrics, let me know I can have your order shipped right to your door! New England Fine Living.com