Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Beacon Hill residents really know how to make a great first impression

It never seems to fail.  When I think I am going to have plenty of time to share tons and tons of photos with you, along with a lot of text, the sky opens up and I get inundated with work, but that's a good thing! So if I may, here is a small selection of photos that I would like to share with you.  They are unedited (some of the edited versions can be seen on my instagram page - newenglandfineliving), but I thought you would still enjoy seeing some of the streets and homes I was able to enjoy during a quick walk between appointments. 

When it comes to first impressions, in regards to your home, the front door can set the stage when greeting guests.  It also gives company a little insight to the homeowners personality.  With door after door, on Beacon Hill, I was able to see that there certainly are a lot of different personalities and design styles in the neighborhood. 

I love that the lanterns on Beacon Hill are on and glowing even during the day. 

 The plethora of different style door knockers and fan lights over the doors is what I love to look at and take in.

 Can you imagine walking up and down the streets of Beacon Hill day in and day out?

The blue on this door was just perfect! 

 Window boxes along with planters and urns are a large part of Beacon Hill's decorative charm.

The pop of yellow in these containers really stood out in the neighborhood and set a cheery welcoming tone. 

 Ahhh.  Acorn street, the most photographed street in America (so I've been told).

 Check out the small added detail of braided ribbon on these flower boxes.

 This was one of a few high-gloss doors that really stood out and I loved it!

The iron work of gates, fences, and lamp posts is amazing.  They are all so different and offer a lot of extra detail.

Well that's it for now.  I have so many more, but I will save those for another day :-).

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