Saturday, January 4, 2014

Using Radiant Orchid, Pantones 2014 color of the year in your home, fashion, and party design.

While watching the TV show Project Runway, I was inspired to show you some home, fashion, and party looks using Pantone's 2014 Color of the year... Radiant Orchid.  This color has a place in my heart, but used sparingly.  Below you will see some uses of the radiant orchid color, by designers, that certainly were not afraid to "Go For It".  I am more apt to use it on my lips, nails, or finishing touch accessory.  OH and of course.... in my jewelry!

A few shades of purple with radiant orchid blended in. 

Almost too pretty to eat.  Notice I said "almost". 

Last year I invested in a cobalt blue trench coat, but I could be talked into wearing a radiant orchid trench coat too! 

Looking at this room, it is mainly white and neutral tones, but the splashes of purple make the room.

I have painted striped walls and I have stenciled ceilings with a damask print or added painted stars, but I have yet to use bold stripes.  What do you think of these?  I find it quite stunning. 

Now this is a party color theme I would never forget!  Stunning!

Damn! Once again, last year I bought a pink leather handbag, but this takes the cake!  Maybe I can just purchase a tiny clutch to add to accessories. 

Hmmmm. Looks like mother nature hit the nail on the head with the color!

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