Friday, January 17, 2014

NEFL's hand in designing a booth at the Atlanta Gift Show

I was so excited to receive these photos from the owner of Classic Cargo, a fabulous company that represents high-end specialty lines for retailers.  While I was placing my own orders, Bryn, the owner, asked if I could assist her in designing a booth space for the Atlanta Gift Show.  My answer.... "But of course!!!".
With short notice, and little time to spare, I jumped in head first to come up with several design concepts using the notes given to my by Bryn, who was also sharing notes from three of the vendors she would be representing at the show.  

It is amazing to see what they accomplished, during the booth set up, in such a short time!  After seeing these photos, I know for a fact, I had the easy part of the job. I gave them basic CAD drawings with my visual suggestions for the space.  The ladies then tweaked the plan to their specifications, added all of their products, accessories, and then their personal touch to make the booth both inviting and colorful. 

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