Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Fixed My Toro Lawn Mower Pull Cord, that was stuck, All By Myself!

Public Service Announcement - Don't laugh, this is my first self-published video. Okay, you can laugh.

Well I did it! I told you I was going to attempt fixing my mower that had a pull cord issue and I did get it working!  Far cry from my fun press trips, social events, and product reviews, but it was a welcome challenge.  But Meh... this blog is for you to see not only pretty things or places, but my platform to share some of my daily life.

Funny thing is, my lawn mower is a Toro GTS "Guaranteed to Start".  Yup, that's what it says "Guaranteed to Start" printed right on the red casing.  Well it didn't start and I needed to cut my lawn pronto before my fun filled weekend and an open house that is being held at my home.

Due to a little determination, sunshine, and some mechanical DNA passed down from my dad, I got it done in no time at all.  Truth is, if I had thought out the probable cause first, I would have saved myself a few steps and would have protected my day old manicure.  If you choose to watch my first official lawn mower repair video, you'll see what I mean about thinking things through first.

With that said, I had a blast tinkering and figuring things out on my own. I'm also glad I took the roundabout way which made my brain work a bit.  Sometimes I get a few cobwebs in there if I do the same thing over and over and I loved this mini challenge.   Hmmm?  Now where did I put that broken toaster?

I loved making this video and hopefully I will do more and learn how to put them together better.  There are so many facets to my life from decorating pretty rooms, throwing fabulous parties, to slinging a hammer (Watch out thumb... not so on point any more with my eye sight :-o ).  Many of my closest friends don't even know I can do plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, floor and wall tile, painting, and a few other handy-woman projects that are on a smaller scale.  Now If I can only figure out why I have been putting off hanging one little towel bar in my bathroom.

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