Monday, April 16, 2012

Repainting a mirror frame to match other items in the home

I wish I had thought of taking a photo before I started painting this mirror frame, but it was a brighter yellow gold which did not match my client's home which is full of rich deep colored frames.  This mirror stuck out like a sore thumb, so I snagged it off of her wall to bring home, grabbed my paint brushes, paint, and went at it while I played some fun martini lounge music in the background.  

This picture below is just a closer view of the brighter gold.  On the right of the picture is just the beginning layers of my darkening process using paints made for metal items.

Before the step that I am showing below, I covered the whole frame with a custom mix of several gold paints mixed with a touch of black.  After the first layer dried, I followed up by rubbing black paint over and around all of the raised details of the mirror frame.

Once that was complete, I went back over the high points (again) with a deeper richer gold using a dry brush technique (almost no paint, just enough on the brush to add a touch of color).  I would be lying if I told you I only used the brush, but my fingers were black and gold for at least a day since I like using the pads of my fingers to work in colors.

 The finished look.

Voila!  Here it is back in my client's home hanging proudly.  It was so cute... My client started bringing out other frames that did not match her home.  Those will be added to the "to do list", but right now, I have 7 rooms to finish decorating for her.

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