Sunday, April 8, 2012

How To Make Baby Chick Deviled Eggs

How cute are these?  I loved making these Easter morning to bring to the family brunch.

I first started out by boiling my eggs and peeling them

Then I lined the egg carton with Easter grass and then under each egg, I placed a piece of wax paper.

Cut off the top of the egg so that the yolk is exposed.  Some of my eggs were mostly egg white and little yolk so I had to carve out some of the tops so they will fit on top of the chick.  

After mashing your yolks you can make your filling.  For these, I just used some mayo and a little mustard.  (Did I mention I myself love egg salad, but dislike deviled eggs?  Weird huh?) .  Mound the mixture into the egg high enough to allow space for eyes and beak.

For the eyes, I got black sliced olives and just cut tiny pieces out and pushed them into the mixture as if they were in sockets.  For the beak, I used baby carrots cut a small sliver then cut the sliver in half.  Push the sliver into the mixture with the point out and down.

Voila!  Little baby chicks just hatched!

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