Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Winter Theme Cocktail Party In the Making

At the beginning of the month I designed, created, boxed, and hand delivered many of the invitations for this fun cocktail party.  As you will see in the invitation below it is not a Christmas Party or A New Years Eve Party.  It is a Just Because Party! 

 This is where a lot of the mess and magic happens which in my office and studio.  A lot of glitter mess happens in my home too, but I am trying to get better at working in my office more and keeping the glitter there.

 The color theme for the party is ice blue, silver, and white with a snow flake theme.
Each of the invitations were rolled and wrapped with a beautiful glittery ribbon then placed in a box with ice blue tissue paper. 

Each invitation was adorned with a crystal snowflake to add that extra touch of glam.

From what I was told, the RSVP's came in fast and friends can not wait to see what the party is going to look like after receiving such a beautiful hand delivered package (Friends that did not live close had their invitations mailed to them).    I have some photos of what the buffet table and dessert table looks like, and  few of the other touches we did, but I need to keep that a surprise until after the party.

I am going to the party too and I will be making my signature NEFL-tini with a little twist. The NEFL (Short for New England Fine Living)-tini is a white martini I created for when I have parties in my showroom and it is made with Lemon flavored Vodka (I like Svedka for this recipe), White Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice, and Triple Sec.  For the party, I will be substituting the triple sec with blue Curacao to give the martini a fun blue color.

Stay tuned for photos of the party!