Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Shopping at Mill River Winery

For the past couple of weeks, I have been helping the owners of Mill River Winery in Rowley, MA prepare for the holidays and for their Sip, Snack, and Shop ( dare you to say that 10 times fast!).

Yesterday I put up a tree on their front porch and adorned it with maroon and copper colored ornaments that were satin, shiny, and glittery in finish (come on.... ye gotta have glitta!).  Within the tree, I also stuck red colored twigs.  I have a full length photo, but not gonna show that one, it is blurrier than my own vision without glasses!

Three urns went from Fall grasses and flowers to several types of greens and twigs tucked in that I purchased at Wolf Hill in Ipswich.  This is the smallest of three.  Don't look at the leaves in the photo... they are a figment of your imagination.   My plan was to put a bow around this urn, but I ran out of ribbon (most was used on the barn door you will see in a moment.).  Can I add that I tried to make a bow for the tree and I couldn't do it!  This ribbon was tough to work with, but come on... I failed at making a bow?  I must go back to bow making class!

This picture was taken last week before I put lights on the beams, prettied up the urns for winter, and added the tree.  The winery is all wrapped up in a gift bow. Who wouldn't want a winery for a present? 

I took this on my way out last night.   I am going to try to get a photo when it is completely dark. 

You might have seen this photo before in a previous post, but I thought I would include the inside of the winery all decorated for Christmas.

I know this photo is a bit out of place, but I thought I would show you this.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Donna, one of the owners had a vision for a wall unit and we brainstormed with her amazing carpenter.  Below is the "almost there" photo of what was built.  Still to be added are lights, shelves, and frame work, but this is how it will be for the Shopping party with a few more adornments.