Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lucky New England Birds Get A New Bird Feeder

I waited to share this post until after Christmas so that I would not give away the surprise!

This year I had the pleasure of being a sneaky little elf and helped with a plan to have an old bird feeder recreated for my boyfriend's dad as a Christmas present.   The above photo was sent to me to share with David, of Meadowview Construction, to see if he would take on this small project and make a new feeder for us.  I was delighted when he said yes.

Looking at the above photo, I am not sure how many birds actually had the nerve to show up. 

This next photo is what the feeder looks like now.  A cozy green carpet of moss is inside, the chimney is missing, and the birds,squirrels, and mother nature have helped with the removal of the shingles over the years.  I even witnessed a small woodpecker trying to find a yummy snack within the wood. 

Check out the new bird feeder David made for us!  The birds are going to love it!   Sorry woodpeckers, no bugs to eat in this beautiful feeder.