Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Truck Theme Birthday/Corporate/Christmas Party

I know I am a little late putting up these photos, but I needed to focus on a few parties and design clients and this post got pushed onto the back burner.

The event, these unique trucks were created for, was a very special 90th birthday party.  The birthday boy founded a waste management company, hence the truck theme, and since it was near Christmas, I made the trucks look like over-sized ornaments.  I wish I could say I decided to do the sparkle right away, but it was really due to a mishap with the "special" paint I used on the plastic trucks.

Walking out of the toy store with 11 Toy Story trucks was the first fun part of the project.  Once I got them home, I had to remove the little pink bear on the front of the trucks (I ripped him off with pliers... I felt so cruel)  These pink bears talk to you when they are touched, so I has some pretty interesting conversations with them.  I then taped the areas I did not want to paint.  This is when things went wrong.  I primed them with the proper primer and waited the allotted time to paint them again, and the paint started bubbling and cracking.  OMG!  I had to sand them down and tried again.  NOPE. They bubbled and crackled again.  I was beside myself.  Hmmmm what to do?  What to do?  Then I had my "ah ha" moment.  Sparkles.  I was going to start with JUST the back being done in white sparkles, but the blue front looked boring, so I sparkled the front too.  In the photo below, I used glue to put on the sparkles, but when everything dried, I did have holidays, so I went back with blue paint and shook on more of the glitter.

Once the blue was done, I thought now the silver needs some, then of course the red back up lights, then I did the windows with black.  My house, my clothes, my dogs feet, everything had a touch of this magical fairy dust stuck to it.  Since I work on project between going to my store or design jobs, there are times my projects are left out in the open, or I don't have time to clean up.  This was one of those projects, and I literally placed a sign on my front door that said "Warning, glitter zone, enter at your own risk"  :-)  .

For the base, I cut foam boards, then covered them with buffalo snow fastened by floral pins. this was one of two layers.

These were the favors I had created for the party that were placed at each place setting

In the background, the hostess of the birthday party had a dvd created that played on the flat screen tv, and we had shadow boxes created to document her fathers life and how the business started.  

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