Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hosting a Diva Party For Your Diva Friends

Below are fun pictures of a Diva Party created for a client, but as an edit to this post, I would like to add our latest edition: 
A Diva Cosmopolitan Party In A Box.  

 While Supplies Last - For ordering information you can follow this link to our diva cosmopolitan in a box page

Here is a party that I had a BLAST creating.  This is a Diva Theme party that was for about 20 women. I was brought in to create the look, the invitations, the favors, the menu, and then Leanne from Party Accommodator and I  did everything from greeting guests to pouring champagne so that the Divine Diva herself could enjoy her magical evening. 

The invitations created were custom printed for us from The Write Expression, then I embellished them with crystal snowflakes.  In the background of the picture is the large napkin ring that you will see used later, an ornament that was used to close the gift bag, and my boa catalog (doesn't every Diva need a boa?).

Custom Napkins? But of course! And the colors match the sign, I painted, which you will see below. 

Inside these sparkling gift bags are black boas that I ordered from one of my suppliers and a "Bling Ring" that each Diva wore during the evening.  Seeing the women open their bags and hearing them laugh was just the reaction I was going for.  It is hard to see, but the crystal ornament is being used to close the bag, then I tied the top with a hot pink bow. 

I painted and lettered this sign for Santa to greet the guests. His tiara was a perfect fit, and lucky for him, I ran out of time to put on his fake eyelashes.  He was placed out on the front porch the night of the party with a spot light on him. 

Using the clients silver service and props purchased for this party, I created a tablescape of white, hot pink, black and silver.  After the caterer dropped off the food, I plated it for the buffet. 

A Diva Party would not be complete without HUGE bling napkin rings.

Here is the dessert and coffee table.  Fresh cedar surrounded the the coffee tray and I since I am not a florist, I created a casual arrangement with Christmas ornaments, cedar, white pine, and sparkly hot pink accents.

Here is is at night with the delicious desserts placed on the table.  

Leanne pouring the coffee for one of the Divas

If you would like your own Diva Party, created just for you, send me a note! E-mail