Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Farmhouse Christmas Party

Sure I love working with my New England interior design clients, but I LOVE New England event and party styling.
Here are some photos of a class New England style Christmas party I styled for a client and their 60 guests.  This particular event was in a private New England home, so I created items they could use every year.  Getting out my glue gun, scissors, and wire, and got to work on this event.  I can't wait to get photos from my client with pictures of the food buffets and bar area.

New England Style Christmas or Natural Theme Party Favors

 For favors, I decided to wrap evergreen scented candles in burlap (burlap was a large part of the decor for this party) with small pine cones.   After they were complete, I attached a note on the back of each one from the host and hostess.  Below, you will see a picture of the favors in a basket that was placed in the front foyer. 

The candy buffet, as you can probably tell, had a theme of red, green, and white.  Custom labels were created, for each candy, with cute sayings that had to do with each treat.


I am so glad the candy is out of my house now.  Keeping it in my home was such a tease to candy taste testers.  

For the table that was going to be used for the appetizers, I hung a twig, greenery, and berry wreath upside down off of the chandelier.  Tiny checkered bows were used to cover the wire.  

For the dessert station, I found an old sled and embellished it with greens, red jingle bells, pine cones, and a burlap bow.  I can't wait to see photos on how this looked once the caterer placed the desserts on top and around this piece.  My client informed me that many of the guests are going to put sled on their dining room tables now just for decoration.  

Yup.... I used a lot of burlap for this job.  Some was a higher grade from a fabric store and some of it was from a local feed and grain store.

I wished the decorations showed up in the photo, but for some reason a lot seemed to disappear once the flash went off, but this simple tree had pine cones, twigs, red ornaments, red jingle bells, metal stars that I painted an antique  gold, and a burlap bow and cascading ribbon 

For the front hall that was lacking an item on the wall, I found a pair of old wooden skis, screwed them together and added greens, pine cones, bells, and what else?  Say it with me now........ a burlap bow.  the basket on the table is holding all of the candle party favors that I mentioned earlier.

 Two of the mantel in the home were decorated.  Here I added greens,  amber ornaments, pine cones, candles, and sticks.  Note the tall candle holder to keep the flame higher than the greenery. 

 In an older post, you might have seen this wreath already, but it was created for this party.  I found vintage kitchen accessories and placed them on a faux wreath with wire.  Then I added berries and bows to complete the look.

 This sled was made for a different client, for the outside, but I thought I would share it here on this post.  


  1. Everything is so beautiful. I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. the burlap is a fabulous theme

    happy holidays to you and thanks for the inspiration all through the year

  3. very clever love this look!! Kathysue