Thursday, November 18, 2010

Enchanted Entertaining

Designer Mary McDonald - Photo Veranda Magazine

Below is part of an article I wrote for North Shore Living magazine several years back, and I thought I would share it with you.

The guests have arrived, and as they cross the threshold they are greeted by the soft, sweet sound of holiday music and the beauty of the seasonal decoration.  The family evergreen, recently adorned with treasures from holidays past, fills the room with a calming scent that brings back wonderful memories.  As guests make their way down the hall to see the holiday table, they are awestruck my what they see.

At each seat are small gifts wrapped in silver and gold which contain a gleaming keepsake ornament, napkins have been folded and adorned with ribbons and bells.   The wax dripping from the flickering flame of white candles creates lace patterns as it trickles down the side, and the fresh flowers of the centerpiece add another incredible scent to the room.

Visitors feel like children again as they wonder what is inside the little packages.  Better yet, they feel the warmth of knowing that you took the time to welcome each and every one of them into your home.  Little do they know that you were able to achieve this look with just a few stolen moments, and while you were relaxing.

A fantasy scenario you say... Can I possibly find the time?  The only fantasy here is what your holiday presentation will look like.  If you were able to find the time to relax and read this article, you can find the time to add those extra magical touches that will make your holiday gathering memorable.

Whether you decide to decorate in an early colonial style or an ultra-contemporary look, the following ideas will help inspire the decorating diva in you.  Remember, there are not rules - and no decorating elves looking over your shoulder - so create some time alone, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, play your favorite holiday music or movie, and start creating your own magic.  To read more on my list of ideas, please visit the Enchanted Entertaining page on my web site.