Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmastime in Boston MA New England

I wanted to share these photos of Boston during the Christmas season.  They are unedited and out of order, but I wanted to make sure I got them up to enjoy before Christmas arrives, which is in a few days.  

I love this photo.  I just wish I was able to ask all of the car owners to move their cars :-). 

 I admit it!  This was my first time finding Acorn Street!  I was lucky enough to have on comfy shoes and had hours to spend (I was waiting for my son who was at an appointment in the North End).

Acorn Street Boston, MA

 Fresh Christmas greens adorn this iron fence in Boston, MA

Sometimes you can forget you are in Boston when you come across buildings such as this. 

A swag of Christmas greens with pine cones surround this black traditional door in Boston. 

The green Christmas wreath really pops and stands out on this cobalt blue door. 

I love the simple elegance of this door and wreath.  Can you see the little owl perched on the wreath? 

 I always think of Talbot's when I see red doors.

Another view of Acron Street.  I was patiently waiting for a photographer to finish a fashion shoot before I got my chance to snap my pictures.  

I adore black doors, black shutters, and brick buildings. Add Christmas greens and voila!  It is such a warm and welcoming traditional look.  

I stopped in my tracks for this door!  The wreath only has two elements... greens and red berries.  No bow, no baubles, nothing.  How is that for simple while still making a striking statement?

The North End was especially beautiful! I wish you could have seen it once darkness arrived. 

 After I visited the Paul Revere house, which is in the North End, I took a stroll up the hill and found this quaint area.

Someone was enjoying their stroll along Chestnut Street

Even tiny doors got embellished

This door stood out against the others due to the color combination.  Stunning! 

Oversized pine cones hang from black urns filled with several types of Christmas greenery.

The stone exterior of this home made for an amazing backdrop for this holiday display. 

Another tiny door that someone still decorated for Christmas.

Since my father's side of the family is all from Nova Scotia, I felt particularly proud of this Christmas tree, from Nova Scotia. 

Another shot of a building facade in the North End

And last but not least.... an adorable bakery with pink Christmas trees!