Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Quick Trip to Old Greenwich Connecticut

Greenwich Connecticut holds the zip code to the most expensive homes in the United States, but it also offers a wonderful shopping experience for all pocket books.  I only took a few photos during our quick visit to Old Greenwich, but the shops on Greenwich Ave and Post Road East offer a wide range of specialty shops such as Ralph Lauren, Restoration Hardware, Hermes to Zara. 

Restoration Hardware recently moved their store from Greenwich Ave to an old post office on Post Road East, which is right off of Greenwich Ave.  

Two floors, plus outside courtyards and balconies, are full of beautiful display to help consumers envision the possibilities of decorating their homes inside and out. 

The outside courtyards, that showcase their patio and garden furniture, is also the perfect spot for those who don't mind going out for a day with their girl, but really has no interest in walking around stores to enjoy the visual merchandising and product displays.  Any guesses who he's with? :-)   

I can't help but wonder what they will do with this area during our New England snowstorms, but I am sure they have a plan. 

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