Thursday, June 19, 2014

Some of New England's seaport towns through the eyes of New England Fine Living

There is no doubt that I love New England, and one of my true loves is visiting ocean villages and walking through the streets of historic towns on the waterfront.  When I pulled together items for our online luxury gift and home decor store, I knew that I would be adding items that were reminiscent of the New England areas such as Nantucket, Rockport, and Maine.  Below are some local travel photos I took, over the years and you will see what inspires me.

Gloucester, MA - A day out on our friends boat. 2013
The following photos, of Gloucester, MA had no Photoshop done or image enhancement.  The colors came out so cool, in my mind at least, due to a storm that was coming in and then heading out. I would never be able to duplicate these again.

The sky after the storm moved out. Gloucester, Ma

The skys started to clear.... 

And this beautiful rainbow showed up.

This photo is before the storm hit.  We were rushing to get to the restaurant we planned on docking at... along with all of the other people rushing.  Imagine a busy parking lot at Christmas.  The dock was worse!  All of us large boats fighting for spaces to beat the storm. 

I love, love love this photo!  Doesn't it look like a painting?  I assure you I just pointed and clicked the camera and this is what came out!  Almost like I knew wha I was doing. 

Arriving back at our friends mooring.  What an amazing day. 

Here's my guy, enjoying his day off. 

Ogunquit, Maine

Rockport, MA

Salem, MA - Photo taken in the gardens of The House Of Seven Gables in Salem, MA

Cranes Beach In Ipswich, Massachusetts

A beautiful nautical flower box in Marblhead, MA

I loved this little red dingy tied up to a wharf in Nantucket

Waves crashing against the granite stones Halibut Point, Rockport, Massachusetts
Buoys outside of a shop in Rockport, MA - Bearskin Neck

Our Nautical Admiral Bags from Pinecone Hill

Harbor in Ogunquit , Maine
Pewter Cocktail Forks with Ocean Themed Accents

Our Chartres Whisky Set, on silver tray with rope handles (sold separately) 

Dash & Albert Blue Awning Stripe Throw Perfect for a chilly night on the boat or on your porch. 

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