Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Easy to create Halloween Decorations

I love Halloween, but this is the first year I am not creating a large Halloween party or fundraiser for a client, nor am I hosting a Halloween party at our home, so I decided to add just a touch of Halloween Spirit (get it... spirit??) by using a few things in my holiday prop boxes.  Who knows, we might plan a last minute bash and I will be opening all of my Halloween boxes, but for now, I went with a minimal approach

Above is a plastic wreath I had painted copper then I added a trick or treat sign.  This is hung over my stove (safe from the burners).

In our stairway, I draped some black and purple garland and plastic chains that I have had for years.  I believe I purchased both items at Michaels Craft Store. Then I attached a plastic spider web, rubber spider, and a rat.

This pumpkin first had a witches hat added to it, then I found a top hat that I liked better.  You will see that in a photo below.  I think this witches hat was part of my dogs costume in years past.  I am sure Chloe is glad the pumpkin is wearing it and not her.

A close up of the web.  I attached it to the railing using thread.

An old rubber skull gets put into a large candle holder and another rat and fake piece of bread are placed on a cake pedestal.

From one of the parties I did in the past that had an Edgar Allen Poe theme.  This raven is placed on a table in our sunroom.  Poor thing has to watch the real birds eat at the feeder.

 The dining room table gets a gauze runner and yes, another rat!  Did I mention that a rat was placed in the refrigerator by my boyfriends daughter?  It was so funny seeing her older brothers get startled when they opened the door.  I have to admit I forgot it was in there and jumped a bit when I went to make dinner.

Just having a little fun with the kitchen light.  I hung a bat from the chain then added black tulle I had and more plastic chains.

There are a few more little Halloween touches in the house I won't bore you with, but thought I would share these.  We are planning a large Christmas cocktail party and I will go all out decorating for that and will share those photos with you then.

Happy Halloween!

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