Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Blushing... Beautiful blush colored items

There is something to be said about the soft colors of blushing pink, dusty rose, and soft peach and that would be romantic.  I am already looking at party ideas for Valentines day and thought I would share some of these photos with you.
Photo Via -Inside Weddings
I have a similar pair of sunglasses that have now seen better days, but I just can't get myself to dispose of them since they are my "rose colored glasses".  If I could buff the scratches off of the lenses I would in a heart beat, but I swear they are about 15 years old and been jostled around in drawers, handbags, and counter tops.

Whenever I see a dress with a lot of tulle, I think of the prom dress my mother wore when she was 15 and I always wanted to wear a dress like that.  The closest I ever came was the cocktail dress I wore this past December that had black tulle under the dress to give it a fun little lift.

A blush pink, dusty rose, or soft peach cocktail party or wedding color theme would be so beautiful with a touch of brown or taupe.

Photo Via: We Heart It

Once again some tulle on the dress!  Okay I love that!  But... But... I love the sleek lines of the dress below too!

Photo Via: JoanaHendrie.blogspot.com

Photo Via - Takeoutincouture.com

Photo Via - True and Wesson
Check out this blush pink and taupe color mood board. So Pretty!