Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful Master Bedroom Ideas with some elegant touches

Having already been awake for 2 1/2 hours with insomnia (it's 5:30 am) and I am realizing that it's a bit ironic that while I work on a dream master bedroom suite for one of my clients, that includes a fireplace, sitting area, crystal chandelier, and new king size bed while I have let my own private sanctuary show my "on the go" lifestyle. Instead, it should be enveloping me to relax my soul and wash away a busy and sometimes stressful day.    I have allowed folded laundry to multiply, shoes have been kicked off and landed not in the closet, all neat and lined up like they should be, but near a wall or doorway, and the collection of earrings found on my bedside table could rival the jewelry counter at Nordstroms.  I have also realized that I have not personalized my space as I have done many times over in the past.  I am in a sweet bungalow which is a transition rental home and I have not allowed myself to put my own personal stamp into play.  In the master bedroom, which was once the attic, I would love to paint the dark trim that surrounds the windows and ceiling panels, I would change the flagstone blue carpet, add built-ins along the slanted wall, paint the walls, and rid the bathroom of the parquet floors, burgundy wallpaper and oak vanity.   Thank goodness for my king size bed that has a mattress that feels like I am climbing onto a cloud, my crisp white cotton sheets, and my electric blanket that I use on chilly winter New England Nights.

I thought I would share just a few of the photos I have collected in my Master Bedroom Idea File.

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Photo via: Elle Decor

Ralph Lauren Black and White Bedding

Photo via House Beautiful 

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