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A New England Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Recipe

From Celebrity Party Planner, Colin Cowie - Recipe Below

Colin's Roasted Turkey
From Colin Cowie
The Stuffing

1 garlic bulb
2 celery sticks
8 shallots
Sprig fresh sage, plus few extra
12 strips pancetta
3 tablespoons butter
1 stick butter (or more), cut into tablespoons (for under the skin)
Big handful breadcrumbs
Handful dried apricots
3/4 lb pork mince
Pinch of grated nutmeg
1 egg
12 small fresh rosemary sprigs, plus few extra

For the turkey
9-10 lb organic free-range turkey
2 carrots
1 big orange
Olive oil for basting
Plain flour, for the gravy
Chicken or vegetable stock, for the gravy
1 cup white wine
2-4 cups chicken broth
1 package cheesecloth
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 F.
  2. To make the stuffing, finely slice 2 garlic cloves, the celery, and 4 shallots. Roughly tear the sage and roughly chop half the pancetta.
  3. Melt the butter in a frying pan and add the sliced garlic, sage, and pancetta, then after 30 seconds, the shallots and celery. Fry gently until everything is soft and golden brown. Remove from the heat, add the breadcrumbs, and while the mix is cooling, chop the apricots coarsely and stir them in.
  4. When the stuffing is cold, add the pork, nutmeg, egg, and lots of salt and pepper and mix everything well.
  5. Slice the remaining strips of pancetta in half and slice 1 garlic clove into slivers. Place a rosemary sprig and a garlic sliver on one end of a strip of pancetta, and roll it up tightly. Repeat with the other pieces of pancetta until you have 12 little rolls. Stab the thighs and drumsticks of the turkey in 6 places on each side. Push a little pancetta roll into each hole until it just peeps out.
  6. For the turkey, roughly chop the remaining shallots and garlic cloves, and slice the carrots.
  7. Pluck any stray feathers or hairs off your turkey and give it a good wipe, inside and out, with a piece of kitchen paper. Place it on a board, with the neck end pointing toward you. Find the edge of the skin that covers the turkey's breasts, and gently peel it back slightly. Work your fingers and then your hand under the skin, freeing it from the meat. If you're careful, you should be able to pull all the skin off the meat, keeping it attached at the sides but without ripping any holes in it. From the neck end of the turkey, rub tablespoon-size pats of butter into the meat under the skin.
  8. Spoon the stuffing up between the skin and the breast tucking the flap of skin underneath to stop any leaking out during cooking. Weigh the stuffed turkey.
  9. Microwave the orange for 30 seconds to warm it up and stuff it into the cavity. Place the bird in a large roasting tray, season well, and rub all over with olive oil. Surround with the chopped carrots, shallots, garlic, and extra herbs.
  10. Pour the wine and stock into a large bowl. Unfold the cheesecloth and cut a piece large enough to cover the turkey with 5-6 folded layers. Submerge the cheesecloth into the wine/broth mixture to soak completely. Lift the cheesecloth out carefully (do not squeeze), and drape over the turkey. Pour the rest of the broth mixture into the bottom of the pan.
  11. Place in oven and roast for approximately 18-20 minutes per pound, or until a thermometer inserted into thickest part of thigh registers 160°F. Baste the turkey every 30 minutes with pan juices. It's important to keep the cheesecloth moist so it does not stick to the skin. (If this does happen, you will pull the skin off the breast when you remove the cheesecloth.) Check periodically to make sure the cheesecloth is not sticking.
  12. After four hours, gently remove cheesecloth making sure you do not pull off the skin. Baste the bare turkey and continue roasting for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours more. The turkey will become a deep, golden brown. Baste 1 to 2 times more during the last hour. Test for doneness by making a small incision in the deepest part of the thigh. The juices should run clear. (Remember, if your turkey is all-natural or free-range, the meat will naturally be a slight shade of pink. The juices, though, should run clear.)
  13. To serve, remove the turkey and rest on a board for 20 minutes. Put the roast vegetables onto a plate. Skim the surface fat from the toasting tray, add a little flour and stock, and bring to the boil on high heat. When the gravy thickens, strain into a pan. Serve the turkey with the vegetables and gravy.
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