Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Few Christmas Decorating Ideas From New England Fine Living.

A Few Decorating Tips From New England Fine Living

Strapped for time and you need some quick Christmas decorating ideas?  Have the time, but you want a few fun ideas?  Here are a few tips I have used myself that would make an elf proud!

Tie beautiful french ribbons around pillows to make them look like Christmas packages.

Tie candy canes around a short vase and fill with greenery and red berries or more candy canes.

Make luminaries out of paper bags, sand, and votives then line your front stairs for holiday guests

Tie red ribbons the ends of pine cones, spread peanut butter on them, then roll in bird seed, hang them outside for  the birds to enjoy.

Place a large candle in an empty half gallon milk carton (you might need to tape it in), fill the carton with water (do not cover your candle) and cranberries... freeze... and use outside as luminaries or in your holiday buffet.

Using a large decorative bowl, fill with beautiful red apples and glass ornaments for a quick holiday display.

Tuck fresh greens into artificial greens to add volume, scent, and beauty.  Add baubles, ornaments, berries, and miniature wrapped boxes for a festive holiday garland or wreath.

Let children freeze water and food coloring in small or medium sized paper and wax drinking cups... add festive ribbon to the top.... freeze... then remove them from the cups and hang outside on trees for temporary ornaments.

Make a snowman kit.  Gather with the children items for the face and buttons, clothes, and a hat.  Put aside some hot cocoa and wait for the weather man to promise a beautiful snow fall.