Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making a fun diva sign for a holiday party

Please forgive me, but I am catching up on posts that I created many moons ago, then got side tracked, and never posted.  So yes ,I a posting some information about a Christmas party now that it is almost summer.

This is a sign I created for a Diva Themed Christmas party that was used to welcome the guests as they arrive.  The colors were hot pink, black, silver and white.  Why am I showing you a Christmas party now?  Well I think this would be a fantastic idea, in different colors,  for a parties or other holidays.  I have created signs like this for many parties.

For the signage,  I used:

A plain stretched canvas from the craft store
Painters Tape
Chip Board Letters
Glitter or Crystals
Feather Boa

1.  Paint the board one solid color (see the letters in the background?  You will see in a moment how I used them.  Make sure it is COMPLETELY dry before step number 2. I started with the lighter color of paint knowing I was going to be covering some of it with another color.

2. With a painters tape, you are going to create your stripes.  You can measure all the way across, but I am way too lazy for that, I taped all the way across to keep my lines straight.

3.  Now slowly remove every other line of tape.  You might want to decide if you want your base color to be your first color shown (so remove the second strip of tape) or the second color (remove the first strip of tape).

4.  Now with your second color, brush onto the exposed paint.  Let dry and see if you need a second coat. 

5.  Let dry completely then remove the tape to show your finished work.  There is a little chance you might need to touch of a straight edge with a small brush.   This is when I applied my chip board letters and crystal snowflakes.  I have also, at this stage, brushed on a glaze that I have mixed in fine glitter dust to enhance it a bit. 

6.  Find a key spot to post your sign. I put this one outside on Santa.  The poor guy had a tiara, boa, and luckily for him I forgot the false eyelashes.  Once all of the guests arrived, I brought him inside for all to enjoy while the hostess of the party while sipping Champagne with all of the other Divas.  More Diva Party Pictures Here.