Friday, April 1, 2011

Beautiful Master Bedrooms With Chandeliers In Them

Talk about romantic!   Chandeliers in the bedroom.  Whether they are crystal that catch the sunlight and create dancing rainbows around the room or a  metal chandelier shedding a warm amber glow, chandeliers can add a unique New England style decorative touch to your personal space.

Photo by New England Fine

This New England home interior stopped me in my tracks!  Each time I go into the Boston Design Center, I make it a point to stop at the Ralph Lauren Showroom.  The chandelier was much more stunning in person.

This new England style bedroom, from House Beautiful, showcases a white chandelier over a white four poster bed.

I am not sure who to credit for this soothing bedroom photo, but it makes me want to climb right in.  I feel this bedroom has a nice balance of masculine and feminine touches.

What a wonderful combination of materials in this photo from Country Living.  Brick, metal, wood, wicker, fabric, and a crystal chandelier. 

 Photo found on

 Darn, I don't know who to credit for this photo, but I do know it was from a Canadian magazine.  Talk about working in a small space and making it work! 

Love the pop of color in the purple flowers, but I am not sure I would enjoy vacuuming that area rug. 

Minimal decorating.  A few vintage handbags and a beautiful chair capture the romance of the chandelier.

Photo by Lea Jasmin

Modern glam bedroom with a black chandelier and crystal base accent lamps.  And the photo of the puppy in a tiara... is that cute or what!

Photo from Southern Living Magazine

Wow!  A mirrored four poster canopy bed certainly takes center stage in this room. A little more glitz and glam than a usual New England style four poster bed. This room is an example of attention to detail, right down to, or should I say up to the painted ceiling.