Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chalkboards in the home add a touch of nostalgia of years gone by

I was inspired to share some of these ideas with you when I saw a chalkboard post on

I remember as a child I always volunteered to "clap" the chalkboard erasers outside for the teachers.  Any reason to get fresh air (and leave the classroom).  We also always had a chalkboard in the kitchen where mom would write lists and message by the kitchen table, but our chalkboard was nothing like the ones I admire today in client's homes and magazines.  Here is a collection of chalkboard photos I found on the Internet. This is just a few of the photos.  To view more, CLICK HERE to see more on New England Fine Living.    I snuck in a few other chalkboard crafts as well.  At the end, there are a few tips from Benjamin Moore.  Enjoy!