Monday, October 25, 2010

A creepy sweet sixteen party

This was truly an interesting day.  I drove to my granite vendor, to meet a client's 21 year old daughter, to look at and select granite for her bathroom.  A fun and enjoyable time, but it is a very serious project and I can't wait to see my finished design come to fruition.  After that, I was excited to get back into my car, because I was off to decorate for a Halloween birthday party.  I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  Now mind you, this was for a sweet sixteen OR pretty.  I was asked to bring items for creepy and scary.  Since I was not sure how many items they needed, I loaded up a large plastic bin with just a few things from my private prop arsenal.  

Plastic Chains - check
Furry Rats - check
Skeleton Parts - check
Fuzzy Bats and Spiders - check check.  

Once I arrived, I was escorted to the basement.  Soon after a little chit-chat amongst us three ladies and throwing around some ideas, we officially dubbed the basement, the dungeon.

 NOTE:  It is so much easier to come up with fun and unique out-of-the-box decorating ideas if you DO have a theme to follow.  

My friend brought out her boxes of items she had from previous years and placed it next to mine.  I got busy deleting the cute and pretty Halloween decor. 

We hung bats from the ceiling (3m removable hooks work better than tape. Cough Cough... private joke), placed skeleton parts, draped chains, and blocked the windows.  

Then I moved on to what would soon be the candy/treat buffet (we came up with some fun and gross names for some of the food )  

Here is a just a few of the ideas we talked about, as well as a few I forgot to mention. Warning, this is not for those who have a weak stomach.  Muwahahahaha.  

Mind you, this party is for teenagers and adults

Bugles - Witches Finger Nails
Cheese Curls - Toe Cheese Curls
Red Jello Non-Alcoholic Shots - Blood Clots
Vanilla Pudding - Puss
Chips -Dried Elephant Skin Cells
Yellow Soda - Bat Urine

Chains, bloody gauze, eyeballs, fingers, netting and cauldrons completed the vignette.  Battery operated flickering lights will be added the night of the party.

After draping a black king sized sheet between a large doorway, to hide and protect moms work area from guests, a framed Dracula was hung prominently in place.  Then we draped and surrounded him with cob webs and spiders. 

I can't wait to see it with the finishing touches.  Battery operated flickering candles in the holders, black lights, and delicious food on the table.