Friday, May 6, 2016

Rainy weather dampens wedding garden party project for a bit.

Spring has decided to remain a rainy one here in New England.  We are on a full week of dreary gloomy weather, but the flowers and plants sure seem to be enjoying it.  Not me! This week I find myself starting to feel a a bit anxious and behind in my outdoor chores, which is worrying me out a wee little bit. See, in most cases, I would not mind the weather, but this year Ben and I are hosting a very large outdoor garden cocktail party in our back yard in just a few short weeks.

There is still bark mulching to be done, plants to be planted, lights to be strung, and furniture to be moved.

Since this party is to celebrate our wedding, which is happening only an hour before guests arrive, there is still a lot to do inside as well. Once all that is done, I can focus on the fun tasks such as putting together favors, making signage, creating a custom cocktail, and many of the other party styling projects I enjoy.

My wedding projects will be shared here soon, so stay tuned!