Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Visiting the Island of Nantucket and enjoying the Nantucket lifestyle.

In May, 2015, we visited the Nantucket Resort and the article ran in our summer 2015 issue.  Below are some of the late spring photos we took that did not go into the magazine plus some of the summer photos supplied by the Nantucket Resort.  Please enjoy

Heading south or an upscale island getaway
By Linda Calder

Less than a two-hour car ride away, the ferry to Nantucket awaits. From Hyannis, one hour on the Hy-Line will land you on this island of choice for a few days of rest and relaxation. 

We opted to take the Hy-Line ferry since passage from Cape Cod to Nantucket was only an hour, but if you want more time to relax and let your busy life slowly fade like waves in the distance, there is always the choice to hop on the Steamship Authority ferry.  

Lucky me, I accidentally took a photo of the Google Map on my phone when I was looking to see how close we were.  We're almost there!

As soon as the ferry docked, we descended the stairs onto the boardwalk, where our complimentary shuttle took us to The Nantucket Hotel via a mini tour of the downtown area. As we turned onto Easton Street, there was no denial as to which building would be our weekend home. ---
When the words “I’m taking an island vacation” are announced, a vision ensues — one filled with an assortment of palm trees, tiki torches and glasses overflowing with the coconut froth of piña coladas, coupled with the beat of steel drums upon arrival. The island I reference in this story, however, is adorned with oak trees, and the drinks are anything but tropical, but of sophisticated elegance in wine and martinis, and the welcome sound of steel drums is replaced with the vibratory sound of luggage wheels being dragged along cobblestone streets.  

This was my second time on the island and I fell in love with the cobblestone streets and brick walkways all over again. 

Street lamp on the streets of Nantucket

Many of the stores were still closed for the season when we arrived. I will be back! 

I have a strange affection for trees without leaves.  This beauty spoke to me. 

The Daffodils were ready to make a showing even though the island just had a very harsh winter.
This vehicle is used to pick up guests during the warmer months. 

Built in 1891, The Nantucket Hotel stood in front of us in all its grandeur. The combination of soft green clapboards, classic natural weathered shingles, and white trim complemented the hotel’s two vintage vehicles parked in the driveway. Once inside, I noted the décor was a masterful blend of vintage items, fun, yet elegant fabrics, and modern touches such as the metal steampunk whale art behind the reception desk. 

Steampunk art.  Love this whale! 

In the lobby
Just off the lobby, this cozy area is available for dining, playing chess, or just relaxing while you read one of the many books, some by local authors. 

This is proof positive that you can mix patterns!  

After a visual pause, introduction to the concierge, distribution of room keys, and we were ready to explore our suite. Again, I take in the design of the space — a habit developed from having been in the interior design and event planning field for over 20 years. I thrive on visual presentation and ambiance, and surmise that I am standing in what was once an attic but now a two-room suite, complete with mini-fridge, microwave, and a Murphy bed for additional guests. 

A little welcoming gift from the General Manager and staff.

Here is the fabric used on the pillows downstairs.  

Great pillow!  From what I understand, these can be purchased through the gift shop. 

Cute idea right?  I'm only 5'1" and still had to watch my head. 

Super cozy robes

Enjoying some quiet time in the morning reading a book from a local business woman. 
From our windows, a birds-eye view led to historic homes with rooftops with cupolas and weathervanes and the ocean, which seemingly hugs this beloved island

During the off-season, many shops and restaurants may be closed, but the Breeze Bar and Café, just off the lobby of the hotel, offers a continental breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a Sunday brunch. Our plan was to keep an easy pace, spending one morning, afternoon, and evening meal at the hotel, and then stroll downtown to dine and enjoy libations with the local island residents.  

The Breeze Cafe

Morning brunch in the Breeze Cafe

A spa treatment during my stay was an option, but we opted for a morning workout in the impressive gym, complete with free weights, circuit training machines, and treadmills. Complimentary iPads were available, pre-loaded with Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu — perfect for long walks on the treadmill. 
If treadmills are not your forté, the hotel offers several maps of suggested streets for long walks and bike rides. We started to follow one of the suggested walks, but soon became distracted by other streets that caught our eyes. Yes, we were “misplaced” once, but it worked out for us since we wanted to follow the coast and this is exactly where we ended up. 

Brant Lighthouse

Beautiful summer homes stood proud, as if patiently awaiting the arrival of their families, and white sails could be seen running before the wind just off shore. 

This photo was taken during our walk and it was one of few homes I photographed because I was so cold.  I had no idea that I also had the below photo, from another photographer, that we were using in our summer issue.  I almost fell off my chair since I just put two + two together almost a year later.  The same thing happened with a light house in Maine, but that is a whole other story. 

Knowing that The Nantucket Resort is the only year-round resort on the island, we know we’ll be back soon, for another quick island getaway.