Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cranberry, Orange, and Apple Relish

Cranberry, Orange, and Apple Relish Recipe

This cranberry relish recipe brings back fond memories of preparing Thanksgiving and Christmas meals with my mom in the kitchen of our colonial farmhouse.  When I found one the the vintage grinders, like my mom has, at a consignment store, I scooped it right up so that I could create my own family traditions.  

This is a super simple cranberry relish recipe and the only modification I made to what my mom makes is that I added apples this year. 

One bag of cranberries
Two peeled and cored apples
Two oranges peeled and no seeds
One cup sugar ( more if you like sweeter relish, less if you want tart)

Cut the apples into cubes or slivers and break the orange into segments.  In the grinder or chopper, alternate the ingredients.  This is best done a day before serving so that all of the flavors meld together.