Saturday, August 3, 2013

Moving from a 1920 Mansion to an eight year old home.

I am so envious of those who have time to post almost everyday, but alas, my schedule has been so full with design and party jobs (which is a great thing!), that I have not had the time to blog, but I hope to make a few posts, in a row, of what I have been up to.

Below is just one of many rooms I am working on for a family in Boxford, MA.  Coming from a mini 1920's mansion, that was full of antiques and dark colors, this family moved into an 8 year old contemporary cape and had me change all of the colors to light, airy, and cheery colors.  We also started from scratch when it came to the furniture, so I got busy drawing, designing, shopping, and finding fabrics.

Here is a pretty cool photo of the house they moved from. Not sure who took the photo since it was sent to me when I first started working with my clients. For several months we met here while we designed their new home.

Just to show you the interior of the old home.  Dark Wood, Colors, and Antiques.  
Now check out the difference of their new home!

The old lights.  Great and functional, but not for the style we were going with. 

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