Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting Ready For A Christmas Open House

It's Here!  Christmas time!  I love the holidays and this year will be a little extra special.  We are hosting a Christmas open house with about 60 guests and I have been a busy little elf decorating the house, buying food, and setting up the two bars.  I hope I find time to take some photos with the food set out and bars set up to post later.  

For the banister, I started with greenery then added silver, white, and a touch of blue.  I added the blue to work with the art work and our area rug at the front door. 

I have used a sled before for a client's party and so I decided to bring ours in from the porch tonight and added a few items. This will be the centerpiece for the buffet.

I truly have a love for country as well as glam, and this might show that.  For my kitchen, I added some crystals to our light and then wrapped the chain with a silver garland (you can see this from the hall and works well with the banister.

A few days ago, one of the guys broke the glass, in the back, on this piece and I figured I would use it in a display.   My rooster had this rhinestone necklace put on him years ago after I came home from a gala and he has been wearing it ever since.    I might have to borrow it this weekend for the party.

Here I used some vintage suitcases placed under the tree instead of a tree skirt.  This is one of 6 trees in the house, and not the one gifts will be placed under, so I wanted to fill the space.  

I thought this looked like Santa's suit was sticking out of the suitcase, but my boyfriend thought it look liked I kidnapped Santa so I took it out :-).

Back to the kitchen,  I have a really dark corner with a very small counter space, so I decided to add some holiday ornaments and antique crystals then placed the hurricane globe inside of a wreath with white lights.   I also put some lights under the globe.  It looks a lot prettier in person.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of our holiday home.   More photos will be posted later.  I will also be posting photos of a few of my client projects once they are complete.

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