Friday, February 3, 2012

A few decorating ideas that I would rethink

Now I'm the first one to tell my clients that the space we design will reflect them, their tastes, and their lifestyle, but there are a few times that I might speak up if I feel it really wouldn't be the best purchase or if they asked me if something should stay or go.   I came across the below head wallpaper photo first while searching for something else for a client.  It stopped me in my tracks and I couldn't stop staring at it (kinda like looking at a train wreck, not because they were staring back at me!) And I can't help but wonder how many rolls of this paper did the manufacturer sell. And let me add.... If you love it? Kudos!  We all have different tastes!  What do you think?   I found a couple others after that. And yes, I should be working!

I feel like I should put a black rectangle across the photos to protect the innocent!

Okay so I can understand if this person loved history, but I would get the Heebie Geebies just being in this room.  Who wants to be stared at all of the time? Not me, that's for sure!  Photo via 

Really?  I don't remember learning this at design school.  "Take a pair of pants as your inspiration.... find that fabric... and then cover EVERYTHING with it"  Nope, I don't remember that from any of my classes.  Room from the 1970s -  Better Homes and Garden
Wait?  Is this a caterpillar or a couch?
 Yup Caterpillar, I rest my case.

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