Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vineyard Wedding & Party Theme

It isn't a secret amongst my friends that I love wine, and my recent trip to Napa and Sonoma increased my appreciation for the art of wine making and the ambiance the wineries have created to lure in tourists and hopeless romantics.  For such a simple concept, it becomes elegant as shown in the Wine Wedding Inspiration board above. 
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This picture hit a home run with me.  Last year, I created a whole page on wine cork crafts due to the fact that I have hundreds sitting in a large bowl in my home and I wanted to find some projects to do in my spare time (yeah I know right??? what is spare time?).   Very simple to create but once again, very elegant. 

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Here's another photo I need to add to my wine corks craft page, but I wanted to show you the bottle with the table number.  I found a web site link for you.  They make lables for wine bottles and water bottles, plus a whole lot more. 

To view more photos I have found for you on the web, please visit my vineyard - wine wedding theme page on New England Fine Living.