Friday, January 29, 2010

Event and Party Checklist

Photo from Lanham Boston Chocolate Event

Are you planning a party or special event and you are afraid you will miss a step?  Here is a great checklist I came across for my own business.

6 to 12 Months Ahead

Place a check mark next to the items that do not pertain to your event first, then check off each completed task until every task is checked off.  Below is just a bit of the list that can be found on my web site New England Fine Living.

____ Decide event purpose (raise funds, visibility, celebration, etc.)
____ Choose a theme
____ Visit potential sites
____ Research/appoint an event coordinator/manager
____ Research/select committees/chairpersons
____ Chairperson forms subcommittees
____ Get cost estimates (site rental, food, drinks, sound/lights, etc.)
____ Get recommendations for entertainment; hold auditions
____ Get bids for entertainment
____ Get bids for decorations
____ Get bids for design/printing
____ Get bids for other major items
____ Finance committee drafts initial budget
____ Decide on admission cost
____ Create sponsorship amounts/levels
____ List items to be underwritten and possible sources
____ Research/approach honorees
____ Compile mailing list (individuals/businesses)
____ Check proposed date for potential conflicts, finalize date in writing
____ Get written contracts for site, entertainment, etc.
____ Develop alternative site (if event is outdoors)
____ Consider pre-party event for publicity or underwriting
____ Invite/confirm VIPs
____ Pick graphic artist; begin invitation design

To view the whole list....  Click here to go to our web site page