Friday, August 21, 2009

Perfume and the Trash Guy

This morning I woke at 5:30 am to track down the tree full of crows that wakes the neighborhood each morning (I will see if I can load a video of their sound soon) and to walk Chloe. I literally rolled out of bed, put on my jeans and t-shirt, put up my hair and walked out the door.

Just a few houses down the trash truck rolled up, and the guy started loading his goods from the neighbor's two week recycling bin. Chloe and I passed and just as we were about 10 steps away from the truck, I heard the guy yell "I just have to tell you your perfume smells great". Now of course first I blushed, but then I couldn't help but wonder....could my perfume still smell after a night of tossing and turning.... was I overpowering the night before? Or was it that I just smelled better than the pizza boxes he was picking up?

I do love the perfume I wear. It is light (you usually have to be pretty darn close to me to smell, but maybe the breeze caught it this morning). I found it many years ago and it is now no longer available. It was a Lacoste Pour Femme, a seasonal special, and I buy three boxes at a time (I am down to my last bottle) when I find them now at overstock stores or in airport perfume shops.

I did find it once, in SOHO, in one of those little shops where you can buy bags and perfume and they close their doors fast if the police are coming. I was lucky enough to open the box right outside the door. I found that my bottle was filled with water! Yes water! (this happened to be me before when I bought vanilla in an outdoor market in the Dominican Geeeeesh) I could hear the women (I have no idea what they were saying since it was not English) start chattering nervously. I was feeling duped and stormed back into the shop and demanded the full sample that was on their counter or I would be calling the police. I know, I know! I should not be shopping in one of those bays with all the beautiful knock offs in the first place, but I could not help it when I found my elusive perfume. Now that I am typing this, I think I will see if I can find it through one of the affiliate sites I work with. That would be so cool! I will post it here if I find it. Don't forget to visit my web site

Yeah! I found it!!!!!!! Ladies I promise this is a beautiful scent that has gotten wonderful comments from both men and women.

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