Monday, July 14, 2008

A power outage brings family together

It's funny that a power outage is all that is needed to get my family together. In the winter, we get the candles out(at night), play cards, laugh, and catch up with our teenagers that will soon be on their own. Even in the summer, when we lose power, it is a pain, but I look forward to it for an hour or so. This morning, during breakfast time, we lost power and I was concerned how I would make Sunday morning breakfast. Realizing my daughter just got home from 5 days of camping and cooking on a grill, I thought "I can do that too, why not breakfast at home on the grill?". I started the grill and then proceeded to place sausages, English muffins, and eggs on our flat kitchen skillet. My daughter, who is now a "professional" on grilled eggs coached me as the yolks slowly glided to the front of the grill, and this gave us more time to catch up on her great trip. Once I placed the eggs, muffins, and sausage on our plates, I served everyone with a grin. Here we were enjoying a nice hot breakfast even with no power. Alas, we lost power 4 times today and while I worked a few hours on the road, my family swam and then we played badminton when I got home. I loved it, even though I was worried about our food thawing in the freezer. Oh yeah, I ran out of gas just as I was finishing breakfast... Note to self fill tanks on Monday.

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